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      Our beginnings go back to the 1920’s and the lemon groves of east San Diego County. For almost a century we have been serving the spiritual needs of its families.


       Today St. John of the Cross is a very diverse church of more than 4000 families. Hispanics were the basis of our early community, later Navy veterans settled the area, and finally large numbers of Filipinos joined the community. Chaldeans and African-Americans also make up our membership roles.


        Our mission statement calls us to know, love and serve God.  We do this by: loving one another, becoming educated in our Catholic faith, sharing our God given gifts of time, treasure and talent, providing sacramental preparation for the parish community, being ecumenically minded with the whole surrounding community in which we live, reaching out to the less fortunate, living our faith at all times.

       We are known for our beautiful music and welcoming spirit. We pray that you will visit us and find St. John of the Cross a place of prayer, peace and friendship, its people gracious and kind.

Welcome Saint John of the Cross Parish

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